Our Green Principles

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  • French Gites Landscape

Trying to live life in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way is an important part of our life here in France.

Most of the hot water we use to heat our swimming pool comes from solar panels only backed up when absolutely necessary by a super efficient air source heat pump.

We grow our own food in our "potager" (kitchen garden) and "verger" (orchard) - this means that we can share fresh, seasonal produce with our guests which you can enjoy safe in the knowledge that it's all grown without the use of pesticides. We also keep chickens - they are great fun and we get fantastic fresh eggs and meat into the bargain!

We have recently welcomed 2 geese to Les Coudreaux although, as we hatched them from eggs, we suspect they may end up as pets rather than Christmas lunch!

Pigs are next but that's a longer term project :-)

The main way we heat our gîtes is by woodburning stove - this is a green, carbon neutral way that makes use of an abundant and sustainable fuel.  People say wood warms you twice, once when you chop it and again when you burn it!  Don't worry though, we do the chopping for you!  

We try to use energy saving light bulbs wherever possible and have A rated appliances in our kitchens.

We encourage all our guests to recycle their glass, plastic, cans and paper - reusing and recycling is a fantastic way to reduce the amount of energy we consume.

We've recently gone LED mad! We've changed, wherever we possibly can, all our lightbulbs to super efficient LED bulbs - did you know that the average halogen lightbulb uses 50 watts of electricity compared to just 3 watts for an LED bulb. LED bulbs also last up to 30 times longer, so greener all round!